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Custom Designer Bags & Purses For Women and Men

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Experience the luxury of a bespoke leather bag, meticulously crafted to your specifications. At LBHK, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and personalized service. Create your perfect accessory by choosing from a variety of designs, sizes, and premium materials.


- Choose from classic, modern, vintage, or any unique style that suits your taste.

- Customize features such as pockets, compartments, straps, and closures.

- Add personalized touches like monograms, embossed patterns, or custom stitching.


- Select the ideal dimensions for your needs, whether it's a compact crossbody, a spacious tote, or an elegant handbag.

- Specify exact measurements for a perfect fit.


- Premium full-grain leather, vegetable-tanned leather, or other high-quality leather types.

- Variety of colors and finishes, including matte, glossy, distressed, or natural.

- Option to mix and match materials for a distinctive look.

**Additional Features:**

- Choose hardware in gold, silver, bronze, or antique finishes.

- Opt for lined or unlined interiors with fabric of your choice.

- Include special compartments for laptops, tablets, or other essentials.

**Order Process:**

1. **Consultation**: Discuss your vision with our design team.

2. **Design Proposal**: Receive a detailed design proposal and quote.

3. **Approval**: Review and approve the design.

4. **Craftsmanship**: Skilled artisans handcraft your bag with precision and care.

5. **Delivery**: Receive your custom bag, crafted to perfection.

**Contact Us:**

To start your custom order, please contact us at or visit our website at Let us bring your dream bag to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.



Contact us via email: or visit our instagram @leatherhannako.

Measurement Instructions

If you are looking for shoes based on individual measurements, measure your foot and specify the exact dimensions.

Use This Video Instruction:



-We agree on the design and material of your order. In the manufacturing process, we keep in touch to clarify all the details. You are given video instructions on how to take measurements of your foot.

**If your order does not suit you, you will be refunded 40% of your money****

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